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The Chemalux 300Lab System is a complete, fully computerized surfacing lab system. Every major tation (or cell) features microprocessor control and is networked to an Rx server. This technology allows critical decisions to be made once, as the job is input. From that point on, intelligent software systems automatically establish optimal configuration settings and manage the processing cycles at each cell. Manual intervention is limited to loading the lens and pressing the start button! Chemalux 300Lab System sets the standard for excellence and simplicity.
The 100OD Lab System is a modular design with an open architecture. You can add equipment piece by piece to set up your ideal full surfacing & finish lab and operate it easily and profitably along the way you expand your lab. You are completely independent!
Equipment in the Systems
LensMate Lab 2004
Al115 Lapometer
350 Tape Applicator
Unity MAX Blocker, Alloy (Pin-OCF); 210 Reclaim Unit, 120/60
Contour MAX Generator, 310 Chiller, 120V/60Hz
Criterion MAX Surfacer, Lap Set, 636 Fin Alum, .12 Incre, Cabinet, Lap 9-Drawer W/Divide
Chemalux 100 SRAR Coater
Chemalux 300 AR Coater
Process Flow
Process Demonstration Video
Job data is entered into the LensMate Lab software, which performs the optical calculations, assigns tracking information, and prints a job ticket.
The Unity MAX blocker downloads job data and bonds the aligned lens to the the block with blocking material.
The Contour MAX generator downloads job data and generates the Rx curves and prism, while automatically cribbing and safety beveling the lens. The Contour MAX will also automatically cut a lap tool if the host reports one is not in inventory.
An appropriate lap tool is selected from the lap cabinet. All complete Oasis MAX Surfacing systems come with a full range of highly durable finished aluminum lap tools no need to risk quality and waste time cutting disposable tools except for out of range specials.
The Criterion MAX finer/polisher download job data, establish optimal pressures & cycle times for the lens material, and automatically process the lens with the prepared lap tool.
The surfaced lens is deblocked and cleaned.
The cleaned lens is coated with the scratch resistant coating using Model 100 SRAR Coater, and the antireflection coating using Model 100 SRAR Coater (volume < 12 pairs/day) or using Model 300 AR Coater (<35 pairs/day).

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Key Features
Fully computerized surfacing lab - Every major station has its own onboard micro-processor control and is digitally interfaced to the host Rx computer
The worlds smallest complete lab including hard coating and AR coating
Surfacing system featuring advanced three-axis CNC technology
Minimal human intervention minimizes exposure to error
Available with either wax or alloy blocking
Readily expandable to accommodate any volume
Can be configured to process plastic, polycarbonate, high index, and Trivex lenses
LensMate Lab software interfaces with most VCA-compliant finishing equipment
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