Chemalux Coating Machines  Multifunction Coating Machines
Throughput: 10 pairs AR to 120 pairs AR/8 hour shift.
Physical Dimension: Bench Top System (4' wide) to Free-Standing Systems
Operation: semi-automatic compact systems to full size automatic systems
Investment: $30,000 - $250,000
Coating Mode: Lens by Lens
Coatings: Antireflection, Scratch Resistance, Flash Mirrors, and Superhydrophobicity
Fast turnaround for better customer service
Coating-in-house for good quality control
Increase in sales and saving from outsourcing for more profits
In-time investment, i.e., not over investment for the capacity you do not need
Unlimited growth potential, trade-in low throughput systems for higher throughput systems
Chemalux AR Model




AR Throughput per 8 Hours Up to 12 pairsUp to 35 pairsUp to 120 pairs
Functional Coatings
Antireflection Coatings (AR)ARARAR
Scratch Resistant Coatings (SR)SRSR
Flash Mirror Coatings (MR)MRMRMR
EZ-Clean Coatings (EZC)EZCEZCEZC
Chemalux Lab Systems  affordable in-house lab systems
Chemalux® Lab System is the best and complete low cost optical lab system with the integration of the right equipment from surfacing to coatings, even AR coatings for small to medium size labs. The Lab Systems include low investment professional system - Chemalux 100OD System, and advanced Rx-digital freeform system - Chemalux 600DL System, ......
Chemalux 100OD Systems  Grinder- SR-AR Coater - Edger
Chemalux 100OD System is the smallest complete system which includes auto-refractor, grinder, SR-AR coater, edger, and auto lens meter. The grinder utilizes a simple three pad process to generate, fine and polish prescription lenses using only tap water. The grinder lens is hard coated and AR coated. Following by a finishing step by edging, a pair of glasses is successfully made.
Chemalux 300Lab System  Blocker- Generator - Finer/Polisher - SR Coater - AR Coater
The surfaced lens is hard coated and AR coated. The Chemalux 300Lab System is a complete, fully computerized surfacing lab system even including SR coater, AR coater. Every major station (or ��cell��) features microprocessor control and is networked to an Rx server. Chemalux 300Lab System sets the standard for excellence and simplicity.
Chemalux 600DL Digital Lab System   Blocker- CNC Generator - Soft Lap Polisher - SR-AR Coater
Chemalux 600DL Digital Lab System uses an ultra precision, CNC diamond turning generator to make digital lens. The cut lens is polished using a universal Soft Lap polisher. The finely made surface go directly to hard coating using Model 600 Coater which puts both hard coating and AR coating.
  100ODF Lab 100ODSF Lab 100OD 300 Lab 600DL Lab
Finishing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SR-AR   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Surfacing     Yes Yes  
Freeform         Yes
Throughput     up to 20 pairs/day up to 100 pairs/day up to 120 pairs/day
Footprint     2m �� 3m
6' �� 9'
3m �� 6m
10' �� 20'
3m �� 9m
10' �� 30'
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