The Chemalux 300T Spin-On Coating System is a free standing machine which only has a footprint of only 25" x 25" (63 cm x 63 cm). The simple and reliable electromechanical design makes the system easy to maintain and repair. The PLC (microcomputer) controls system integrates automatic high pressure water washing with precise multi-layer spin-on coating. The 300T applies the AR coating two surfaces at a time, pair by pair, simultaneously. Fashionable flash mirror coatings can be made with a simple touch of the control screen.

Coating pair by pari

  •   AR, Flash Mirror and EZ- Clean Coatings

  •   Low Capital Investment

  •   Compactness - 25" x 25"

  •   Short Coating Cycle - ~ 5 minutes per two sides

  •   About One Hour Processing Time

  •   Spin-On Coating Process

  •   Full Automation - Touch-Screen Operation

  •   Simple & Reliable Electromechanical Structure

  •   Free Standing


    Throughput up to 35 pairs AR/day
    Coating Cycle 5 minutes per side
    Dimension 25" x 25" x 60"
    Power 110V or 220V/20A
    Compressed Air 80 - 150 psi
    Water Supply Distilled Water

    Dual head corona treatment