Hybird Anti-Reflection Coatings

The Chemalux AR coatings use hybrid organic-inorganic nanocomposite materials, instead of brittle ceramic layers used in traditional vacuum AR. The unique Chemalux hybrid AR coatings are as flexible as the plastic or poly lens materials, so Chemalux AR coatings resist cracking, crazing or peeling. The Chemalux AR solutions are formulated to chemically bond to the hard coated lens substrate, creating superior adhesion.

Durable Scratch Resistant Coatings

The Chemalux system (100 and 600) utilizes Chemat’s specially designed solution (ARBase) to make scratch resistant coatings. ARBase coatings are 100% solid, i.e., solvent free. The ARBase SR coating is highly scratch resistant coating, easily tintable (tinting to a true gray 3 in about 15 minutes) and may be used with virtually every current lens material without changing the coating process. In addition, it provides an excellent base for Chemalux AR coatings.

Superhydrophobic Coatings

Easy-to-clean lenses are one of most desirable functions for eyeglass wearers. Chemalux EZ -Clean coatings are strongly bonded to the substrate using chemically active spin coating solutions. The resultant coated lenses are superhydrophobic, making lenses anti-smudge, resistant to dirt and dust, and very easy to clean.

Mirror Coatings

A choice of flash mirror coatings can be made using the Chemalux systems, with fabrication controlled through a simple to use touch panel screen. Chemalux flash mirror coatings are derived from the same chemistry as Chemalux AR coatings. The flexibility of the hybrid materials makes the flash mirror coating more impact resistant, virtually eliminating cracking, crazing and delaminating.