The Evaporating Coater is loaded with coating material and substrates. The coating process program sequence starts automatically when the chamber cover is closed. The process chamber is evacuated to a pressure of 1 mbar within a short period of time, at the same time the substrate holding device with the clamped substrate start to rotate. The coating material is then heated and the material evaporates and is deposited onto the substrates. At the end of the coating process, a flow of air rinses out the process chamber, the heater cool downs, and the process chamber is then ventilated and opened.

Compactness: 15.5” (W) x 20”(D) x 14” (H)
Weight: 30 kg
Power: 0.8 kw
Electrical: 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz
Processing Time: ~ 7 Minutes
Capacity/Cycle: up to 8 substrates