The coating solutions presented here are formulated based on the sol-gel chemistry to achieve diverse performances.
Hydrophobic Coating Solutions
Hydrophobic coatings provide water-repelling functions for the coated surface. The hydrophobic surface are not wettable with water or with oil. Soil particles adhere to these surfaces only very poorly and the surfaces are self-cleaning, i.e. the surface readily gives up soil or dust particles adhering to the surface to liquids which flow over the surface
Scratch Resistant Coating Solutions
Scratch resistant coatings are widely used to protect soft surfaces of various substrates such as polymers, plastics, woods, aluminum alloys, brass, papers, paints. The products range from wood floors, furniture, eyewear, automobiles, displays, etc. The coatings can be UV curable or thermally curable.
Antireflection Coating Solutions
Antireflection (AR) coating is a thin, dielectric film, or several such films, applied to an optical surface to reduce its reflection and thereby increase its transmittance. CAR™ sol-gel solutions are used to fabricate antireflection coatings via the spin coating or dip coating techniques. The resultant coatings are two-layer V-shape AR coatings. CAR™-C is an electrically conductive coating while CAR™-I is an insulating AR coating.