Spin Coater
KW-4A is a compact and easy-to-use spin coater for precise and uniform deposition of thin films and coatings. Its rugged, vibration-free and portable design makes it a versatile tool for your research facility. A two-stage spin process allows dispensing at low speed and homogenizing the coating at high speed. The KW-4A spin coater can be used to deposit metal oxide thin films, polymer coatings and metal organic thin films.
Depth: 10.0 inch
width: 8.5 inch
Height: 8.5 inch
2-Stage Spinning
Stage 1: 500-2500 rpm
             2-18 seconds
Stage 2: 800-8,000 rpm
             3-60 seconds
115 VAC, 60HZ, 1 amp
220 VAC, 50HZ,1 amp
Vacuum > 2.1 CFM
KW-4A Spin Coater Manual

Vacuum Chucks
When purchasing your spin coater, you need to select a vacuum chuck to hold your substrate for coating. Several sizes are available and should be specified by the user. These chucks are machined to close tolerances to assure a smooth spinning process and uniform coating. The chuck selection should be based on substrate size and geometry. Customized chucks are available. Our Mechanical Engineering Department will design and machine special orders at customer's request.
Type CG - Circular grooved vacuum chuck intended for thin, flat surfaces.
Type LR - Low relief customized geometry vacuum chuck. Shape determined by customer's substrate.
Type CR - Gland cutout for O-ring implementation. Intended for heavy substrates.
Type PF - Pressed fit vacuum chuck design to hold 3 dimensional large-scale substrates.
Type X - Cross pattern vacuum chuck. Designed to be smaller than substrate.
Type LX - Legged cross-pattern vacuum chuck. Intended for heavy, irregular oversized substrates.
Specifications of the Vacuum Chucks
Aluminum alloy vacuum chucks are used for non-corrosive coating solutions such as alcohol based solutions. The Teflon vacuum chucks are for corrosive coating solutions.
Type of Materials Aluminum Alloys Telfon Diameter of Vacuum Chucks
0.5'' 1'' 1.5'' 2'' 3'' 4'' 6''
Vacuum Pump
Gast vacuum pumps are oilless diaphragm vacuum pumps providing small, quiet source of vacuum. The pump has the following features:
- Bonded connecting rod and bearing assembly provides strength and durability
- Chemical resistant materials on miniature models provide for superior corrosion resistance
- Air Flow: 1.5 -1.90 CFM
- Maximum Vacuum: 29 psi

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