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Chemat Technology is the world leader in the sol-gel R&D with great success in commercialization of the sol-gel technologies. Some examples are listed in the following. More detailed information is available in each of the website:

Nanmat Technology Ltd. ( - Joint Venture

Nanmat Technology Ltd. is a joint venture between Chemat Technology and Nantex for manufacturing and supplying special chemical precursors for semiconductor and metal industries.

Chemat Vision. ( - A Commercial Division

Chemat Vision is a commercial division of Chemat Technology focusing on commercializing a revolutionary sol-gel based spin-on antireflection coating technology for eye care lenses.

Nanotite Dental Implants ( - A Licensing Model

Chemat has developed a sol-gel based nanotechnology treatment for dental implants which licensed to 3i for commercialization. A few hundreds million dollars sales of Nanotite dental implants have been achieved.
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Europe R&D

Nanmat Technology
Chemat Vision
Nanotite Dental Implants


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