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Chemat Technology has a proven effective and efficient R&D approach for our clients. The approach is based on our sol-gel expertises, good track-record discipline of protection clients’ IP and low cost worldwide R&D center network.

Chemat Technology mission to provide the best solution based on the most advanced technologies with the sol-gel technology as the core to the targeted industry. We are using a "Total Sol-Gel Solution" approach which includes sol-gel processing, chemical precursors and processing equipment to yield the best performance for our clients.

Chemat provides R&D services, based on sol-gel technologies, for the development of advanced materials, products and processing systems for diversified applications. Chemat is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment to perform sol-gel research; process advanced materials and characterize products. Scientists and engineers lead its research team with Ph.D's and Masters degrees in Chemistry, Materials Science & Engineering, and Chemical Engineering.

Since 1990, Chemat has been awarded nearly one hundred research contracts and grants from U.S. Governmental agencies and private industry. The R & D services include cooperative research efforts, research for hire, as well as modifications to Chemat's body of proprietary and patented technologies to develop purpose-specific applications, chemicals, and materials.
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Chemat Technology has near 20 years experience in design, synthesis and manufacturing chemical precursors for internal and clients’ sol-gel R&D. Chemical precursors which include metal alkoxides, metal alklylamide, polymeric metal alkoxides are specially designed and tuning for each special R&D project such as reactivity, molecule size, concentration to achieve the best results of the end products and technologies.
By controlling chemical reactions such as hydrolysis & polycondensation, we produce nanosize sols with diverse structures and morphology for various applications. In addition, we disperse nanosize particles into solutions for special applications.

Chemat’s experience to synthesize nanosize particles via the sol-gel process. Diverse morphology of the particles is able to be made: wisker, tube, sphere, etc.

The sol-gel process is one of widely used methods to fabricate films & coatings. The process is relatively simple and low cost.

Chemat’s unique sol-gel process is able to materials with wide range of porosity up to 99%.

Chemat can make materials in fiber form via the sol-gel process such as Al2O3, TiC or many other materials which are unable to be made using other processes.

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