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Turnkey Solution
It is well known that successful development of a new product must involve multi-disciplinary effort, specially in the sol-gel derived products. It is our advantage since we are not only a sol-gel R&D company, but also only company specializes on sol-gel chemical precursors and sol-gel processing equipment. We offer a turnkey R&D approach, integrating of processing, chemical precursors and equipment, to solve your problems.

A Turnkey R&D Approach
The client’s R&D demands will be analyzed and transferred into the requirements for chemical precursors, processes, equipment

Chemat starts it R&D in identification of proper chemical precursors. If available precursors do not fit, the new precursors will be synthesized or formulated.

The precursors are converted into the end products using the best process to meet needs of the Client. The process will be finely turned to be integrated with chemical precursors and equipment.

The commercially available equipment will be employed with fine tuning to accomordate the precursors and processes. A prototype equipment will be designed and fabricated if no commercially equipment can be used, then turned into the optimized equipment.

After cycles of experiments, fine tuning in the precursors, processes, equipment, a turn key solution is delivered to our client.

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